Double Seconds Performance SeriesTenor 24.5” & 26.0” Rigid Rim

Our 24.5RR and 26.0RR Tenor pans represent a culmination of years of research and development. Known as the Soprano voice in a steel band our Rigid Rim welded construction produces a clean, strong, powerful drum with crisp articulation and focused pitches. It allows for an unprecedented degree of volume, power, projection, and cutting attack.

Possessing an exceptional blend of strength, projection and cutting attack our cycle of 5th Tenor pan is tuned to be sensitive to the touch, yet by maximizing each note panels thickness it will withstand the most aggressive of playing.

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The use of small bore holes around each note opens up the sound with increased sustain and fullness of tone as well as increase’s the pans sensitivity and dynamic range. For aesthetic purposes, each note is painstakingly double lined to further enhance the instruments appearance. It’s built to maximize the interstitial metal area, which in turn helps support the notes, keeping them focused and holds a tune much longer.
Proper construction and thicker steel allows the instrument to speak more clearly without the tones becoming thin.

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Our Rigid Rim pans employ the most advanced shaping techniques, geometry, and optimal note panel thickness to the tightest tolerance ever achieved. This enables us to make the cleanest sounding and most dynamically responsive steel pans you’ve ever heard.



24.5" Range and Diagram

26" Range and Diagram

Performance Series Range

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