About Coyle Drums

Coyle Drums is an industry leading company specializing in the manufacture of high quality Steel Pans and related products. Founded in 1998, we are located in Pensacola Florida in our custom designed 5000 sq. ft. facility. We offer in house Pan tuning along with on site tune up services. We travel all over the world retuning pans that were built by all the different makers. We offer a large line of stands, mallets, and cases as well as ancillary products. We are widely regarded as the top company in the Steel Pan industry with the highest standards of integrity and customer service.
We offer three lines of Steel Pans…

“Calypso Series” (Imported from Trinidad)
“Performance Series” 24.5” Rigid Rim Pans
“Artist Series” 26.0” Rigid Rim Pans

We continually invest in science and technology to advance the quality of our products. Our founder, Alan Coyle has quietly been shaping the direction of steel pan construction and tuning worldwide. Many of his innovations have been adopted as industry standard techniques. Many of the top pan tuners around the world have studied with him and/or benefited directly by his willingness to share his research. The dissemination of his building and tuning techniques has been a major catalyst for the overall rise in quality of Steel Pans during the past two decades.
At Coyle Drums, you’ll find our inventory items (except instruments) are usually shipped within 24 hours. Although we do have a backlog for our instruments (3-6 weeks Calypso Series, 12 months Performance and Artist Series) we consistently deliver on time as promised…rarely late and sometimes early! As steel drum music continues to capture a larger audience of admirers, Coyle Drums will be here to meet your growing needs. If there is something you’re seeking but don’t see it listed on our website, call us! Chances are we can get it or make it for you. After all…you’re the reason we’re here.