Pan Hangers

These simple, easy to use nylon hangers are strong enough even for the largest pan! Just thread the nylon through the hole in the rim of your drum, slip each end all the way in to the ferrule (connector), and crimp the ferrule closed with a pair of pliers. It’s that easy! Sold in Pairs.Pan Hanger

Price: $3.00

5 inch Gutiar/ Cello- Qty:
6 inch Tenor/DSecond- Qty:


Retractable Bass / Cello Leg Assembly

For those of you that would rather keep your Bass legs, we’ve created a device that allows you to flip them without using tools! The housing assembly is bolted to the barrel through the existing holes and the legs are then retrofitted with snap buttons so they may be “snapped” into place. The legs can be flipped and locked inside the assembly for storage, so the drum will fit into your case. Each set can be customized to fit your existing Bass legs and holes. May be used for Cello and Tenor Bass pans as well! Catalog price reflects 18 units.

Price: $370.00



Replacement Sixx Bass Rubber BallReplacement Balls

These dense rubber balls are custom drilled to fit your existing legs.

Price: $3.00



Bass Wheel Set

Tired of lugging those Bass Pans around? Try using our new Wheel Sets. It’s so easy to move them a child can do it. You can have them permanently attached to each drum or use them in conjunction with the retractable units.




Equal in quality to the smaller bag, but much larger, this rounded “duffle style” bag measures 36 x 12 x 12. It also features the rubber grip handles and the double-zip opening. It’s big enough to hold just about anything…except your pan, of course.

Price $89.95


This roomy 32” bag comes with an “insert” for extra stability. Features include a convenient “double-zip” opening, handles and a detachable shoulder strap. Inside is a compartment to hold your “Coyle” powder-coated mallets!




Shipping And Handling

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Payments and Returns

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit (per instrument) for all individuals placing an instrument order. School systems must supply a valid purchase order number and proper documentation when placing an order. Payments not received within 30 days are subject to a late fee. All returned merchandise must be received within 30 days of initial purchase. We accept: check, money orders, purchase orders, visa and mastercard. prices are subject to change.