Our New Calypso Series Drums!

Coyle Drums is proud to introduce our Calypso Series of Imported Steel Pans. We bring in affordable painted and chromed pans from Trinidad and Tobago. Once they arrive we rework the instruments and tune them to their highest potential, aligning all the notes and partials for the most strength and clarity.

Coming Soon!!!

Four Mallet Sets
Nine Bass Instrument
High (Elevated) Bass Stand
Newly Designed Lead Stand
Modified Leg For DC-1 Stand
(allows you to place double’s
and triple’s closer together)


Coyle Drums is very interested in publishing your music for Steel Pan, whether it’s solo literature or steel band charts. We also are interested in publishing your Percussion Ensemble pieces.


Coyle Drums has a wide variety of colored aluminum mallets. Coming soon we will be offering aluminum mallets in a smaller diameter, which will be sold in four mallet sets. These smaller diameter mallets are more comfortable in your hand.

Whats New?

A Letter From Alan

We have just released our new website! We hope you find our site a lot more easy to navigate.

24.5” Diameter Pans
22.5” Traditional Diameter Calypso Series Pans