Calypso Series Steel Pans

Tenor Package

Tenor package pricing which is $1525.00 which includes the pan, powder coated stand, case, and mallets plus free shipping.

Double Seconds Package

Double Second package pricing which is $2275.00 which inclused the pans, powder coated stand, two cases, and mallets plus free shipping.


Coyle Drums is proud to introduce our Calypso Series of Imported Steel Pans. We bring in affordable painted and chromed pans from Trinidad and Tobago. Once they arrive we rework the instruments and tune them to their highest potential, aligning all the notes for the most strength and clarity.

We regularly import Tenors, Double Seconds, and Triple Guitars. We usually have them in stock and ready for immediate shipment.
We can custom order “D” Tenors, Double Tenors, or any other instrument you’d like. Delivery time is generally 6-8 weeks for custom orders.

Coyle Drums is currently running a 12 month backlog on the instruments we build here in the U.S. But if you are in need of an instrument now, you can purchase one of our Calypso series instruments to use while you wait for your Coyle Steel Pan. Once your Coyle instrument is ready you can trade your Calypso Pan in for a full refund. The only thing is we ask is that you cover all shipping costs.


Our Calypso Series Tenor is a good intermediate quality instrument that’s ideal for the beginner to the semi-professional musician. They make excellent ensemble instruments, for increasing the size of your school band without spending a fortune. Our “C” Tenor starts a middle “C” and goes up to high “E”, 29 notes. This is a cycle of 5th style pan.
Prices: Chrome $1,195 - Painted $1,015.00

Double Seconds

We offer an “F#” Double Second designed and built to our specifications. We feel this design affords the best instrument available on a 22.5” platform. There is adequate space between each note for a satisfactory amount of strength and clarity with a good usable range…low “F#” to high “A” … 27 notes. This whole tone layout is based on the standard Mannette layout, which is the most common double second pattern used in the United States.
Prices: Chrome $1,595 - Painted $1390.00

Triple Guitar

This is a good quality instrument for the beginner to the semi- professional player. Built to our specifications, this pattern affords the strongest possible instrument with the highest degree of clarity achievable from a 22.5” platform. It has a low note of “C” and a high note of “Ab” (21 notes).
Prices: Chrome $2,300 - Painted $1660.00


For those on a budget we offer an economy “C” 6 Bass made by Coyle Drums. In order to keep the costs low we use 4 55 gallon barrels and 2 oversized barrels. These instruments are built and tuned to the same quality you’ve come to expect from Coyle Drums. We use 1.4mm steel where everyone else uses 1.1mm steel. This provides for a much fuller sound that projects very well. We feel strongly that our Economy Bass is actually a better sounding instrument than any other companies best instruments! Yes, you read that correctly our lowest line of Basses is superior to every other makers in the world!!! We dare you to listen and compare!!! Our economy bass comes spray painted (your choice of color) with silver faces and legs with pinky balls. You can upgrade to retractable legs or retractable wheel sets for an additional fee. Our “C” Bass range is “C” to “F” with 18 notes.
Price: $3750.00