Bass Pans

Six BassAt Coyle Drums we use larger diameter drums (23.5” & 25.5”) so that each note panel can be mathematically the proper size. By using oversized barrels and thicker note panels we are able to produce a deep, rich, powerful sound from the lowest notes to the highest. One set of our Bass pans generally produces as much sound as two sets from any other builder. They have a fullness of tone not heard anywhere else. These instruments are highly durable and will have a much longer life span.

Just using larger diameter barrels is only part of the equation. In order to create a truly superior instrument, much thicker steel is required as well. Not only is there more mass in the note panels but the interstitial is much thicker as well. The non-note area of the drum face functions as the frame that supports the notes. Because it is more rigid it provides the proper stability that each note needs. Coyle Drums is the only company in the world using 1.4 mm steel for Basses. This results in an instrument that barely goes out of tune. We find that after the 2nd tune up our Basses rarely go out of tune at all.

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You can find other companies that charge more for their Basses but you won’t find a better sounding instrument anywhere. I guarantee it. These are the best Bass Pans in the world. Period.

C Range and Diagram

Bb Range and Diagram

Retractable Bass Leg/ Cello Leg Assembly

For those of you that would rather keep your Bass legs, we’ve created a device that allows you to flip them without using tools! The housing assembly is bolted to the barrel through the existing holes and the legs are then retrofitted with snap buttons so they may be “snapped” into place. The legs can be flipped and locked inside the assembly for storage, so the drum will fit into your case. Each set can be customized to fit your existing Bass legs and holes. May be used for Cello and Tenor Bass pans as well! Catalog price reflects 18 units.

Price: $370.00



Bass Wheel Set

Tired of lugging those Bass Pans around? Try using our new Wheel Sets. It’s so easy to move them a child can do it. You can have them permanently attached to each drum or use them in conjunction with the retractable units.



Letter Stickers for your Pan!

Get rid of those unsightly magic markers on your pan face! For $9.50 you can give your pan a much more professional look with our stick on letters. AccommodatesTriple Cellos, Four Pan, Four Cello.